Sonos Notifications FAQ

What our app can do for you?

The app brings joy and motivation to your everyday store life. From now on, look forward to every incoming order that you hear live as a sound.

Is the app developed exclusively for Shopify stores?

That's the way it is. The app is available exclusively on the Shopify App Store. We plan to develop more Shopify apps in the future. We are also planning to further develop this app with numerous new functions.

Which Sonos speakers are supported?

The following Sonos products support the official Sonos API we use to play audio notifications:

Era 100, Era 300, Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Five, Amp, Port, Beam, Arc, Roam, Roam SL, Move, Ikea SYMFONISK table lamp, Ikea SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker, Play:1, Play:5 (gen 2).

The list is not necessarily complete, as Sonos can expand compatibility at any time, we do not own all products ourselves and this is not necessarily communicated on the part of Sonos. Therefore, it is best to try out for yourself whether your Sonos speakers are compatible. In 99% of cases, your products are compatible. Non-compatible products are displayed in our app.

Is the music interrupted or stopped when a sound is played?

Short answer: no.

If you are listening to music on your Sonos speakers at the moment when an order is received and a sound is played, the music volume will be reduced, the sound will be played at your set volume while the music is playing quietly, and after the sound is played, the music will return to its original volume.

For a few old speakers (e.g. Play:1) with age-related limited CPU performance, the music is stopped for the duration of the sound and then restarted. We have no influence on this, since Sonos itself has implemented it this way.

Why am I not seeing a Sonos speaker?

If you have purchased and installed a new Sonos product, it is necessary to refresh the list of Sonos speakers. To do this, go to the Speakers section in the app and click on "Refresh Speakers" at the bottom. If this doesn't work, check if your speaker is displayed in the Sonos app and works as usual. Also check your internet connection.

Why isn't the sound playing in sync when I select multiple speakers?

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Sonos API over which we have no control. This means that for each speaker you select, we'll send a play request to Sonos, but it won't necessarily be processed synchronously and played on your speakers. As a rule, sounds are played relatively synchronously, but a slight delay is almost always audible and sometimes there are larger differences. Unfortunately we cannot influence this.

We therefore recommend that you only select one speaker in a listening area. If you select speakers in different rooms, you may reduce the volume setting so that the other speaker cannot be heard in the next room.

Why was no sound played when a new order was placed?

This can have different causes:

  • check whether the sound for incoming orders is activated in the app. You can adjust the setting at any time in the dashboard with the "Turn on" and "Turn off" button.
  • check if the order arrived at a time that does not match your settings for days and times, as sounds are only played if your settings match. For example, if the order comes in on a Sunday, but you have set that you only want to hear the sound Monday through Friday, then no sound will be played. Also check the settings for the times and pay attention to the displayed time zone, as the settings only work properly if they are correct.
  • it is possible that your Sonos speaker was switched off at the time of playback.
  • it may be that your Sonos speaker was not properly connected to the internet at the time of playback. This means that a permanent, stable internet connection is required.
  • another problem has occurred, but this is very unlikely, since the sounds are played very reliably :)

How to support this app?

You can do the following:

  • Rate the app in the Shopify App Store
  • Send us your opinion and feedback: Either via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the app or by email to [email protected]
  • Tell your Shopify Store friends or social media how much you love the app